Bobbi Baby Shield: The First Choice

Following genital surgery, your baby may experience discomfort and pain. Bobbi Shield provides the ideal solution, with a product that keeps baby protected and comfortable during this time.

As a leading baby genital care product in South Africa, Bobbi Baby Shield ensures the safety and health of your baby by providing comfort, promoting healing, and improving post-operation hygiene.

With a practical design for comfort, it provides protection and comfort through ultra-soft padding, a supportive shape, hypoallergenic materials and more.

This ensures that baby’s health and comfort are seen to in equal measure, by protecting the wound and dressing from infection, dirt, and discomfort.

The Functions of Bobbi Shield

With thousands of satisfied parents and counting, Bobbi is the most trusted post infant genital surgery care device on the market.

So, what does Bobbi do?

Bobbie Shield provides comfort when sleeping, many babies find sleeping on their tummies comfortable, however this will put pressure on the wound, creating discomfort or pain. Bobbi creates additional support to stop this from happening.

Bobbi makes feeding and burping more comfortable as well. As mommy holds baby to her breast when feeding, pressure may be applied to the wound, Bobbi is ideal for protection, comfort, and support in these situations.

Lastly, Bobbi Shield creates a warm and moist environment to help the body heal its wound, assisting with baby’s recovery.

Provides Comfort

Bobbi creates a physical barrier between the genitals and diaper. No more contact!

No More Pressure!

Bobbi Shield effectively creates a physical barrier between your baby’s diaper and their genitals. This ensures that minimal contact is made between these two, essentially minimising discomfort and pain.

Promotes Healing

Bobbi Shield provides space for the wound and room for healing to take place

Room to Breath

Since Bobbi Shield provides space between the diaper and the genitals, they are exceptionally effective at ensuring healing without any complications. This is because the wound is given space, and with minimised disturbance and friction, will heal more quickly.

Improves Post Op Hygiene

Bobbi Shield ensures a hygienic environment by transferring urine to the shield and keeping faecal matter away from the wound dressing.

Healthier Environment, Better Hygiene!

Bobbi Shield works to keep urine and faecal matter away from dressing after genital operations. The urine is transferred to the shield, which ensures improved hygiene, eliminating the chance of complications from infections to promote faster healing.

Practical Features: Designed for Comfort and Protection

Bobbi Shield is loaded with vital features, each one with its own meaningful purpose.

Bobbo shield packed with feature for comfort

No Pressure, We’re All About Support: Loads Of Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of infection

  • Prevents direct genital contact

  • Faecal contact minimised

  • Prevents direct pressure

  • Material is ultra absorbent

  • Anatomically moulded & lightweight

  • Enhances your baby’s comfort

  • Keeps surgical site as dry as possible

  • Hypoallergenic materials

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The Bobbi Design

Bobbi Shield is carefully designed to enhance comfort, reduce discomfort and pain, and create an ideal healing environment. It is ergonomically designed to have the most comfortable and supportive shape possible, is made from hypoallergenic materials to ensure that it is safe for baby and is also hydrophobic.

The Bobbi Shield absorbs urine and transfers it to the diaper. This is important, since complications following surgery may often occur from a build-up of ammonia in the diaper from urine, otherwise called Meatal Stenosis; which Bobbi protects your baby against.

Bobbi Is Easy To Use.

STEP-1 : Wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap.

STEP-2 : Remove and dispose of the old diaper.

STEP-3 : Gently clean your baby’s genital area as instructed by your healthcare provider. then place a clean diaper in position.

STEP-4 : Using the inspection port, place the Bobbi Shield directly over the genitals with the soft base resting on the pelvic area.

STEP-5 : Remove the strip on top of the shield to expose the sticky adhesive layer.

STEP-6 : Making sure your fingers don’t touch the adhesive layer, hold the Bobbi Shield in place.

STEP-7 : Now fold the diaper over the Bobbi Shield and fasten the diaper.

learn how to apply the bobbi shield today


If you would like to know more about our baby genital care products in South Africa, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Bobbi Shield today, continue browsing our website, or place your order online today!

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