Bobbi Shield: Paediatricians #1 Recommended Choice

With  Thousands+ Satisfied parents and counting, Bobbi is the most trusted post-operative care device on the market.

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Bobbi Baby Shield Full 6 Day Treatment Pack

Company Information

Respitek (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturer that specialises in the medical field with ISO 90012008 accreditation. We are experts in disposable Hypoallergenic materials. Our products are both FDA and CE compliant.

Our staff at Bobbi Baby Shield are committed to professionalism, quality, and responsible economic growth. We are consistent in our quality improvement process and emphasise innovation and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. We aim to provide the highest quality disposable medical supplies and related health care products.

Respect, compassion, excellence, and integrity are the fundamentals that guide us in all we do. We will continually strive to develop and share our knowledge with all the relevant parties and our communities.

We will continue to explore new technologies and evaluation of community, corporate and medical needs. Our future is built on the principles of quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.

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“I am a full time Mom, and was really concerned about my boys upcoming operation. I wanted to thank you for all your research and development. Just knowing I was using the Bobbi took my stress away of any possible complications . Best of luck!”
Full Time Mom
My son’s Paediatrician recommended that I look into the Bobbi Baby Shield, as he has seen them at the USA Paediatric convention. I’m so glad I did. thank you for a wonderful product that was to easy to use.
Agustin666, Private

Provides Comfort

Bobbi creates a physical barrier between his genital and diaper. No more contact, no pressure!

No More Pressure!

This Barrier prevents discomfort from physical pressure and contact to his surgery

Promote Healing

Bobbi Shield provides space for his surgery and room for healing to take place

Room to Breath

With No more contact to the diaper, there’s no more sticking, no rubbing or pressure.

Improves Hygiene

Bobbi ensures a sterile environment by transferring urine to the diaper.

Healthier Environment, Less Infection Risk!

Surgery is done under sterile conditions. As post surgery child care is not, Bobbi provides a sterile environment.